Rebar Estimation

Quick delivery & Accuracy is the major things in Estimation process


Estimation is so important in rebar business. Quick delivery & Accuracy is the major things in Estimation process.

Our Estimators are highly skilled and have a strong construction sense, with the ability to read Structural and Architectural drawings proficiently and possess good interpretation. Our services are Precise and we provide Quick delivery with no extension.


The process of analyzing the drawings and specifications & Addendums, interpreting and pulling together all the figures and data and entering them into an estimating program is repeated for each reinforced member in a structure until a complete estimate of the necessary scope of work produced. Clarify the doubts through RFI’s before going ahead with estimation and we indicate the exclusions to inform the client on our approach. Take-off the materials & Accessories with element wise Breakout as per client requirements.

We estimate Rebar quantities and tonnage, including accessories for small, medium, large and infrastructures projects. Structures such as Tunnels, Refineries, Bridges, Tower, Mid/High rise buildings, Masonry, Tilt-up panels, Warehouse Etc.,

Our Team providing various Estimate outputs depends upon Client Request.

  • Microsoft Excel (.xls& .pdf)

  • Shear 97 (.dat& .pdf)


  • Our Team also capable to do comparison based as per SSI, CCO, Change order, Post-Tender addendum etc., to evaluate extra / Credit to Contractors / Owners.

  • As per Design Engineer/Consultant may be change Design drawings after IFC due to Loads transfer / Customer / Owner Request / Current Site condition.

  • At that time, we have given extra / Credit to Contractors / Owners based upon New Design drawing / Sketches.

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