Reinforcing steel crew is our STRENGTH


Detailing is most important part of construction industry to build-up RCC Structures.

Our Team providing Rebar Detailing services to Contractor, Sub-contractors, Supplier, fabricators, Owners, customer etc.,

  • Our Released Drawings are Accuracy & Economically.

   [Consideration of Stocks / Shipping / Easy Handling / Grouping / Easy Readable /
   Understandable/Cover Details / Lap Details / Future Connectivity (Dowels) Etc.,]

  • Detailing Shop Drawings Supports REBAR CAD Software / Auto CAD and Drawings Export File in AUTO CAD Version (.dwg) / Pdf Version (.pdf)

  • Drawings Job Summary File in MS Office Excel (.xls) for Every Drawings / Production File

  • Production Material Export File in aSa File Output (.CAD), Soule File Output (.SLE),Shear97 File Output (.CSF) Etc., as per Contractor / Engineer / Fabricator Request.

  • Our Drawings are Covered All Rebar Support such as Standees, Support Bars, Spacer Bars, Face Bars / Skin Reinforcement.

  • Released Drawings & Production File as per Site Requirements (Area-wise / Structure-wise / Pour-wise Etc.,)

  • Attention to Yard / Fabricators if Any Different Grade / Special Bars/ Welded Wire Mesh/Mechanical Splice /Couplers/Form saver etc.,

  • (Epoxy / Welded to plate Bars / Galvanized / Threaded Bars / Drill & Epoxy Grout Bars Etc.,)

  • Our Shops Drawings are Attention to Engineer for Some Section Details Conflicts & Rebar Clarification A/E Verify Notes.

  • Communication day to day to follow up Drawings Submission Schedule / Yard Planning Schedule and any Pending RFI’s / Clarification Mail Response.

  • Our Work based as per your Requirements such Stock Length / Templates / Title Block / Shipment Procedure Etc.,

  • Our team Easily capable to adopt your standards / Procedure to Satisfy your Requirements in work done.

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